Ground Nut Oils

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Ground Nut Oils

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Welcome to Green Orbit

Green Orbit is a company specializing in the production of high-quality edible oils. Our flagship product is a range of nutritious and flavorful cooking oils that are extracted from carefully selected, sustainably sourced ingredients. These oils are expertly processed to preserve their natural goodness and ensure exceptional taste.

At Green Orbit, we prioritize health and sustainability, which is why our edible oils are made using advanced techniques that retain the essential nutrients and beneficial properties of the raw materials. We offer a diverse selection of oils, Including Groundnut Oil.

GoGreen is thrilled to introduce our Organics Groundnuts Oil, a testament to quality, health, and sustainability. Sourced from carefully selected organic groundnuts, this oil represents the pinnacle of natural goodness and culinary excellence.

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Advantages of Organic Oils

Healthier Choice

Organic oils are often free from synthetic pesticides and harmful chemicals, making them a healthier option for cooking and consuming. They contain fewer toxins and residues that can be harmful to your health.

Better Flavor

Organic oils typically have a more natural and robust flavor compared to conventional oils. They can enhance the taste of your dishes and provide a unique and authentic culinary experience.

Environmental Sustainability

Organic oil production typically follows environmentally friendly practices, including reduced chemical usage and sustainable farming methods. Choosing organic oils supports sustainable agriculture and reduces harm to the environment.


Organic oils can retain more nutrients because they are processed using methods that preserve the natural qualities of the ingredients. This can result in oils that are richer in essential nutrients and antioxidants, benefiting your overall well-being.